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    We are now accepting applications for our Summer School Programs 2016
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    New Summer School On Sustainability and Profitability: Commitment to Sustainable Business across the World: July 2–9, 2016
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    Early Bird Application Deadline: February 29, 2016
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    Final Application Deadline: May 15, 2016

Summer School on Sustainability and Profitability:

Commitment to Sustainable Business across the World

This summer school provides you with an opportunity to understand, see and create
sustainability all in a beautiful city and under the guidance of acclaimed experts and researchers.


2 - 9 July, 2016


In August 2015 the United Nations (UN)  declared  its post-2015 goal of "Sustainable Development". The term "sustainability" itself is  rather vague and has been used in variety of ways, yet it takes the center stage as the next major development goal of the UN. Besides the obvious fact that businesses and governments cannot continue treating the planet as they have done in the past, a more subtle discovery is being made: business and sustainability are not antitheses of one another and it very well might be innovative and responsible businesses that will put the planet on the path to sustainability.

During the week of the summer school we will try to raise and answer questions ranging from "Can you contribute to sustainability simply by buying certain grocery items?" to "How to design a sustainable business plan?" As much as a climate change or resource depletion is tragic, it also creates  business opportunities - not opportunities to further exploit, but opportunities to become more responsible and create not only economic, but also social value.

The course will also aim to provide students with some theoretical grasp of carbon trading and offsetting, and a practical understanding of the mechanics of different carbon markets. Students should come away from the course able to evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with carbon markets.

This summer school will take a multidisciplinary approach to the concept of sustainability and it will give you the opportunity to get your bearing in a growing and very complex field of study. Through debates and teamwork with other international students, experts and researchers , case studies and site visits you will gain both the theoretical knowledge necessary to understand economic, social and environmental sustainability, but also the ability to apply that knowledge to a real world sustainability challenge.